Chuck Gates: 1895 Home Now Quieter, More Comfortable

Chuck Gates summed up living in his historic Medford, Oregon home with one word: Expensive. Built in 1895, the Italian Provincial two-story had become more and more drafty over the 40 years Chuck and his wife, Carol, had lived there. Being surrounded by beautiful trees does plenty to keep the home cooler in the summer. But in the winter, that shade prevent the sun from warming the house.

You could feel air moving inside the house, and it was either warm air going out or cold air coming in,” Chuck said. Then, one day he discovered a hole in the house big enough for a cat to crawl through. (Thanks to an overzealous dog, no cats took advantage of the opportunity.) The Gates knew they had to do something.

Their gas heating bills had become unmanageable and so had maintaining a 100-plus-year-old home. “We probably let some things slide over the years. But we did have the realization that these things need to be done,” he said. That’s when a newspaper ad for Enhabit caught his attention.

The 100 Point Performance Check revealed few surprises for the Gates. Their furnace and air conditioner were outdated and inefficient, places were inadequately sealed, and insulation was either deteriorated or missing completely. The Gates’ Contractor sealed the air leakage and installed new windows and high-efficiency heating and air conditioning systems, which resulted in a night-and-day difference. “They let me see the before and after air loss measurement – I was quite impressed at the amount they were able to seal out,” Chuck said.

The Gates’ home upgrades were completed in June before winter started howling, but the Gates could feel a difference right away. “Our floors are warmer – I noticed that right off the bat,” he said. When heating bills started rolling in, he noticed an even bigger difference when his gas bill was lower than a year ago and that was during warmer weather. “It [Enhabit] was an extremely beneficial program – with gas prices what they are. It’s been a big help,” he said.

Enhabit has made the Gates more comfortable on many levels – Chuck no longer has to fire up a space heater to stay toasty in his office. The furnace is quieter. And taking care of a list of maintenance needs all at once is a whole other relief for the Gates. “Enhabit came along at the right time,” he said.