The Brannons

After living in the same house for 16 years, the Brannons had mastered its many moods. When the house went all hot and clammy, they’d nearly strip to their skivvies. When inside temperatures plummeted, they’d pile on clothes.

“My son gave us a bad time about that,” laughs James Brannon. “During winter, he’d warn his friends that I’d be answering the door in a stocking cap. And sure enough, I’d have one on!” So did guests get their own hats? “They didn’t stay that long!” By contrast, Linda Brannon prayed any and all visitors would stay. “My husband would only set the thermostat above 68 when we had company. I needed it warmer!” And so it went, winter after winter, stretching all the way back to 1994. Talk about stress!

But we all know what happened next, right? Right. Enhabit to the rescue. In three days (“It was just ‘boom, boom!’” says Linda), the upstairs and downstairs crawl spaces were insulated, vents were replaced, and a new water heater and furnace were installed. The price? A monthly energy bill still one-third less than it cost to be cold.* The result? Marital bliss!

*Savings are not guaranteed and will vary based on circumstances.