Patt Opdyke

Patt Opdyke is a self-confessed energy geek. While others count calories and watch their weight, she counts her kilowatts and therms. Measurement units, like cubic feet per minute, or cfm, put her right over the moon.

You can just imagine how the conversation thrilled her when CEW experts evaluated her house for drafts. “They felt around the top of the door frames,” remembers Patt, “and one would say, ‘Oh! I have a half cfm here!’ And the other would say, ‘I have two!’ I loved it!” Patt knew exactly what her 1942 bungalow needed and got what she wanted: a top of the line, energy-saving furnace and a super-efficient water heater; more highly rated insulation (“I went from R-30 to R-49!”); an end to daylight cracks in the basement and all the ducts sealed.

Always about saving energy, Patt’s just as delighted not to waste her cash. Kicking back into retirement in a house that’s joined the future, she’s spending less time and money on kilowatts and therms, and counting on a richer life.