The Williamses

John and Jennifer Williams lived in an extraordinary house. It had more holes than Swiss cheese. In winter, gusts of cold wind blew into their bedroom, under their blankets, and in-between their toes. In summer, that bedroom became a sauna, turning their sheets into a soggy mess.

“We need to do something” cried the Williamses. “Let’s get insulation and install it ourselves!” They bought big, pink bales, dragged them up to the attic and vowed to install them before the end of the winter; a year later they unloaded them at a garage sale. “The heck with it! ” said John.

Then, as fate and good marketing would have it, the couple discovered CEWO, and handed their problems over to pros. Just like that, everything they’d avoided doing was done: The external walls and crawl spaces were now snug with insulation, and they upgraded from a gas to an electric water heater. “Heats up more quickly!” Today, their house is even more extraordinary, airtight, energy efficient, and oh! so kind to their toes.