Randy Herman

Enhabit customer Randy HermanWhen Randy Herman decided it was time to upgrade his home, he remembered a radio ad, a message about the future and a voice.

“This will probably crack you up,” the longtime Parkrose resident said, “but the gal that did the ad about the future had a very attractive voice. And that sort of stayed in my mind.”

Randy works for a major phone company, so he knows a thing or two about the power of a good voice, and after doing some online research on Enhabit (then called Clean Energy Works), he said he knew a good deal when he heard it.

“The thing I liked most about the program was that it was easy,” he said.

He had already replaced two windows in his 1970s split-level, but with two kids in college, the home-improvement projects got placed on the back burner and he hadn’t gotten around to replacing the other windows. Then, one winter, a neighbor noticed that the snow was melting quickly off Randy’s roof – a sure sign that heat was escaping into the attic and that he needed some additional insulation.

Randy applied and said the whole process was quick and painless.

“They did a great job of assessment,” Randy said. “The most important part probably is having oversight of the contractors. Anytime I’ve hired contractors it made me nervous, so this was great. And they all did a great job.”

The contractor, Home Energy Life Performance (H.E.L.P), added new insulation in the attic and the walls. Above the garage, they added insulation where there wasn’t any before. The contractor also replaced all of the home’s old windows, finishing the job Randy had started years before.

Randy said he has already noticed a big difference in how his house is staying cooler so far this summer, and he looks forward to more energy savings this winter.

“All-in-all I am very happy with the process,” he said.

These days, the man who learned about the program from a voice on the radio is using his own voice to spread the word about Enhabit.

“I am already bringing it up to people,” he said.