Like a puzzle, home performance involves many individual pieces working together. So we partner with the best people to make your home work harder and feel better. These are specialized experts and utilities, ready to start turning your home into a high-performing haven.

Certified Enhabit Contractors

Our contractors meet rigorous building science, ENERGY STAR, Energy Trust of Oregon and High Road certification standards - paying family-supporting wages and hire from a diverse pool of skilled workers.

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My business has rebuilt its home performance division, in large part due to Enhabit, and is employing more than 20 people. I cannot stress enough the importance of a transformed, self-sufficient marketplace where businesses can grow and be profitable.

Tom Kelly – President, Neil Kelly


Enhabit’s network of local lenders across the Northwest give homeowners many options for convenient financing and terms - ensuring your project matches your pocketbook.

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Through this partnership with Enhabit, CRAFT3 delivers a scalable credit product that benefits households, small businesses and the environment. It’s a home run for our community-development financial institution.

Adam Zimmerman – Executive Vice President, CRAFT3


We bundle all available cash incentives from our utility partnerships, and pass them along to you, to offset your project cost.

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The Enhabit model has shown tremendous promise in moving customers beyond interest in energy efficiency to action, accelerating our ability to capture energy savings that benefit ratepayers, and further supporting local business development and green jobs.

Margie Harris – Executive Director, Energy Trust of Oregon

Local Governments

Strong collaboration with local government representatives ensures we are serving in the public interest and delivering on key policy initiatives benefitting entire communities.

No Local Governments found.

Our partnership with Enhabit is an important next step in the evolution of Ashland’s energy efficiency services for our utility customers.

Adam Hanks – City of Ashland Management Analyst

Community Partners

A talented and diverse network of community partners allow us to reach broadly into neighborhoods, extending access across the region, in metro, rural and suburban areas.

No Community Partners found.

Our work together with Enhabit’s forges a new energy frontier for Oregon that is good for the economy and creates new jobs.

Brian Pasko – Executive Director, Sierra Club, Oregon Chapter