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Rhonda Watson: ‘Why did we wait so long?’

Rhonda Watson and her family have been living in the same Milwaukie, Oregon house…

Sean Hotchkiss

After three years living in their Tigard home, Sean Hotchkiss and his family found out they weren’t the home’s only residents. In fact, an entire family had moved in to their crawlspace, and they had left a few animal skeletons as keepsakes. “It was a wild ride,” Sean said. A ride that started with a… Read more

Christine Hagerbaumer

Doing the right thing for the planet can also help out the pocketbook. Just ask Christine Hagerbaumer, owner of a 1911 house with her husband Tom in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Southeast Portland. In 2012, Christine used 186 fewer therms of natural gas than the year before completing her Enhabit home energy retrofit. That’s a… Read more

Julien Jaborska

As Julien Jaborska was happy to find out, you don’t need a dilapidated old home with disconnected duct work or a 100-year old furnace to take advantage of an Enhabit home energy upgrade. Julien could tell he probably needed new windows, so he figured he would give Enhabit a try. After the initial 100 Point Performance… Read more

Video: Former “drug house” in Portland’s King neighborhood gets comfy energy efficiency remodel

Venessa Margolis shares the story of how easy it was to increase the energy efficiency of her home through Enhabit.  

Jackie Yerby: ‘You can’t piecemeal interventions’

“No good deed goes unpunished.” It’s a famous quote by Oscar Wilde and also how Jackie Yerby felt after a home-improvement project in her 1915 craftsman-style house went awry a couple years back. Jackie moved into the King neighborhood house 10 years ago and has been slowly making improvements to it’s look and energy performance.… Read more

The Russos: 50% reduction in energy use

About Kristin and Thomas Kristin Russo and her husband Thomas felt lucky to be able to buy their house in North Portland. They got a great deal on a nice house in a great neighborhood. Plus, it was large enough to accommodate the start of a family. But with any old house, it had its… Read more

Erynn Peterson

Weatherization Technician/ Plumbing Apprentice “After serving my country overseas, re-entry into the job market was not easy. Enhabit helped facilitate my training for new skills that helped me find a job.” Enhabit has provided much-needed skills training and jobs to many veterans like Erynn who have recently returned from US military service. Erynn served as a medic in the military but found it difficult to fit… Read more

Tom Kelly, Owner, Neil Kelly

“The financing and rebates offered by Enhabit not only prevented layoffs, but allowed us to hire 30 new people over the past two years.” Despite Neil Kelly’s long history in the home design and remodeling industry, President Tom Kelly wasn’t sure how the company was going to avoid large layoffs when the recent economic downturn began.… Read more

Berenice Lopez-Dorsey, Home Energy Life Performance Group

“We have always envisioned a sustainable partnership with Enhabit in the home performance industry, one in which we serve our community through energy improvements while creating long-term, well-paying jobs.” Home Energy Life Performance Group (H.E.L.P) was one of the first contractors to participate as an Enhabit contractor. H.E.L.P. owners Berenice Lopez-Dorsey and Clyde Manchester believe Enhabit’s strong… Read more