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The Williamses

A family warms its toes by turning to the pros.

Patt Opdyke

See how a self-proclaimed ‘Energy Geek’ saves every last watt.

The Brannons

A Portland couple falls in love with an energy efficiency remake.

High School Teacher Learns First Hand Lesson In Efficiency

Meghan Biggs, a high school teacher from Klamath Falls, had hoped to save a few dollars on her electricity bill when she signed up for Enhabit late last year. But by the time her project was completed in February, she had learned a lot more than the economics of home efficiency. Meghan moved into a… Read more

Chuck Gates: 1895 Home Now Quieter, More Comfortable

Chuck Gates summed up living in his historic Medford, Oregon home with one word: Expensive. Built in 1895, the Italian Provincial two-story had become more and more drafty over the 40 years Chuck and his wife, Carol, had lived there. Being surrounded by beautiful trees does plenty to keep the home cooler in the summer.… Read more

The Docks: Using 46% Less Energy

The Docks didn’t need a test to find out their 1965 split-level ranch in Grants Pass leaked, they just looked at the roof. So much heat was escaping through the attic, snow melted on contact. Inside, the Docks covered their windows with plastic sheeting to keep the freezing cold air out. “It was hideously ugly,”… Read more

The Lindbergs Earn Green by Going Green with Energy Efficiency Upgrades

An energy efficiency remodel adds real dollars to this home’s appraised value.

Gresham homeowners love their energy efficiency upgrade

The City of Gresham has produced three cool videos about Jill and Josh’s energy efficiency upgrade in Gresham. Jill talks about her home and the new insulation, windows and air sealing that was completed with her Enhabit upgrade. Check the videos out here:   Nice job Jill! And kudos goes to Abacus Energy Sollutions for a… Read more

‘Amazing Difference’ With Enhabit Home Energy Remodel

Bob Jenks, at, posted a great write up of work done on his house during his Enhabit (then Clean Energy Works Oregon) home energy remodel. Bob seems pretty happy with the results… “The comfort level in our retrofitted home is amazing. The house is no longer drafty. The temperature is consistent from room to room.… Read more

Randy Herman

When Randy Herman decided it was time to upgrade his home, he remembered…