Category: Heating and Air Conditioning

High School Teacher Learns First Hand Lesson In Efficiency

Meghan Biggs, a high school teacher from Klamath Falls, had hoped to save a few dollars on her electricity bill when she signed up for Enhabit late last year. But by the time her project was completed in February, she had learned a lot more than the economics of home efficiency. Meghan moved into a… Read more

Sandy Bielen: total turnaround

Cute-as-a button, not buttoned up Sandy Bielen was on a mission to find a house in Hood River. After an exhaustive, yet unsuccessful five-year search, she and her husband Brook focused their sights on Rocky Road, which is just steps away from their kids’ elementary school and a nature trail. With two kids and a… Read more

Replacing Electric Baseboard Heating

Some older homes have electric baseboard heaters. Because these systems use the least efficient type of electrical heating, they are often good candidates for replacement. Depending on the size and construction of the home, electric baseboards can often be replaced cost-effectively with a ductless heat pump. If such a home already has natural gas service,… Read more

Replacing an Oil-Fired Heating System

Many older homes have furnaces or boilers that run on fuel oil. The fuel oil is stored in a large tank, which is typically located underground. Because these tanks corrode and leak as they age, these systems are being phased out. If your home has an oil-fired heating system, it is often feasible to replace… Read more

Success Story: Driving home value for the Roushes

“We made a pros and cons list and decided to stay.” Our homes are the single biggest investment most of us will make. Determining whether you renovate your home or move to another house can be a difficult decision. As they approached retirement, Gary and Carol Roush of Springfield asked themselves that same hard question.… Read more

Furnaces, Boilers and Heat Pumps

Furnaces usually heat air, which is distributed by a fan in ducts throughout the house. Boilers heat water, which is distributed to radiators or baseboard coils throughout the home in pipes. Heat pumps move refrigerant through tubing that connects two coils—one indoors and one outdoors. When the refrigerant changes from a liquid to a gas… Read more

Tax Time: Stretch Your Efficiency Investment

Tax season is upon us and that April 15 filing deadline is just around the corner. Have you filed yet? If not, it’s time to investigate tax credits that may benefit you, especially if you’ve completed a project with Enhabit. We want you to take advantage of all the benefits available from an investment in… Read more

7 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Fall

Cooler weather and shorter days are upon us. Now is the perfect time to find out if your home is sufficiently weatherized for the coming season changes. Ben Scott, an Enhabit Home Performance Advisor, shares his favorite tips: #1 Have a home energy assessment done by an energy smart contractor, such as the ones participating in… Read more

Old Carpet Out, Energy Efficiency In

The first thing that catches your eye in Mickey Lee’s home are the beautiful, Middle Eastern archways in the living room and hallway – some of the charming details that originally drew Mickey to this 1912 home. These details allowed her overlook the inadequate gas furnace and ugly carpet in her purchase decision, though not… Read more

Saving the Earth, One Footprint at a Time

“I make earth-friendly choices with anything I change or upgrade, and Enhabit ties into that interest.” Joyce Kindschuh loves where she lives in a walkable Northeast Portland neighborhood: “We’re just a few blocks away from Alberta shops and Alameda school is just down the hill. It’s an excellent neighborhood for walking, a lot of beautiful… Read more