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Mitigation Methods for Clean and Safe Air

Source Control The best way to ensure good indoor air quality and a safe and healthy home is to prevent air quality from becoming bad in the first place. This comes down to either blocking the entry of the contaminants and moisture or removing existing noxious materials substances, and properly venting sources of moisture. Some… Read more

Enhabit wants to ensure every home in Oregon is tested for Radon.

Enhabit homeowners can now choose a one-stop radon testing and mitigation option as part of our whole home performance service offerings. According to the EPA, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States after smoking, and the leading cause among non-smokers.  It is a naturally occurring, invisible and odorless radioactive… Read more

‘Total Home Performance’ helps homeowners stay cool and comfortable all year long

Summer is here. Many of us will spend the coming months doing our best to stay cool and protected from the hot sun. For Rick Anderson, staying cool is not just about comfort—it’s critical to keep his multiple sclerosis symptoms in check. Symptoms flare up when spending time in the sun, taking a hot shower… Read more

Smaller Bills, Bigger Home

“My home actually feels bigger. It’s more livable now.” As a parent, Kristin Kelly’s number one priority is her children’s safety and comfort, especially in their own home. When a house is too cold or too hot, living space can be incredibly uncomfortable, sometimes even unbearable. Kristin and her family faced this problem in their… Read more

How Do You Measure Home Value?

For some homeowners, property value says it all. For others, it’s living in a safer and more comfortable home, while still others value broad environmental and social impacts on their local community. Whichever measure you value, Enhabit upgrades bring real benefits to homeowners and communities alike. Home Value and the Energy Performance Score Homeowners understand… Read more

Taking Homeowners to “School” – Man Learns Value of Energy Efficiency

“I knew nothing about energy efficiency, and they took me to school.” After completing a project with Enhabit and partner contractor GreenSavers, Gerry Winfield got more than renovations for an energy efficient home; he got an education in total home performance. West Linn, Oregon homeowner Gerry Winfield has lived with his family in their 1986… Read more

“Don’t Panic, Prepare” – Portland Family is Earthquake Ready

With looming threats of a high magnitude earthquake significantly impacting the Pacific Northwest, it’s important to take steps now to protect your family and your biggest investment—your home. Earthquake Preparedness for a Dream Home Living in their dream home, Veronica Marzilli and her family have invested and planned well to protect the structure of the… Read more

Tips for Making Emergency Preparedness Kits

Although earthquakes are rare in Oregon and Washington, the Cascadia Subduction Zone and numerous faults pose a very real risk of significant seismic damage.  In the case of a catastrophe, you want to be prepared. and American Red Cross note important items to gather ahead of time. Use the lists below to start your… Read more

10 Important Earthquake Resources for Pacific Northwesterners

With so many articles and websites out there discussing the risks and potential damage from a 9.0 magnitude earthquake in the Northwest, what do you really need to know? We have compiled a list of ten important earthquake resources for residents of Oregon and Washington. SCHEDULE A HOME SEISMIC APPOINTMENT NOW  1. Portland Bureau of… Read more

Small Coastal Earthquakes Remind Oregonians to Prepare Homes

Bolting homes to foundations and other structural improvements cost relatively little, but mean less damage and more homes left standing after the inevitable Big One.  Seven small earthquakes off the coast of Oregon caused no damage, but they are a reminder of the seismic potential of the faults underneath Oregon and potential for significant damage… Read more