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The Lindbergs Earn Green by Going Green with Energy Efficiency Upgrades

An energy efficiency remodel adds real dollars to this home’s appraised value.

Rhonda Watson: ‘Why did we wait so long?’

Rhonda Watson and her family have been living in the same Milwaukie, Oregon house…

Sandy Bielen: total turnaround

Cute-as-a button, not buttoned up Sandy Bielen was on a mission to find a house in Hood River. After an exhaustive, yet unsuccessful five-year search, she and her husband Brook focused their sights on Rocky Road, which is just steps away from their kids’ elementary school and a nature trail. With two kids and a… Read more

Smaller Bills, Bigger Home

“My home actually feels bigger. It’s more livable now.” As a parent, Kristin Kelly’s number one priority is her children’s safety and comfort, especially in their own home. When a house is too cold or too hot, living space can be incredibly uncomfortable, sometimes even unbearable. Kristin and her family faced this problem in their… Read more

Tax Time: Stretch Your Efficiency Investment

Tax season is upon us and that April 15 filing deadline is just around the corner. Have you filed yet? If not, it’s time to investigate tax credits that may benefit you, especially if you’ve completed a project with Enhabit. We want you to take advantage of all the benefits available from an investment in… Read more

Taking Homeowners to “School” – Man Learns Value of Energy Efficiency

“I knew nothing about energy efficiency, and they took me to school.” After completing a project with Enhabit and partner contractor GreenSavers, Gerry Winfield got more than renovations for an energy efficient home; he got an education in total home performance. West Linn, Oregon homeowner Gerry Winfield has lived with his family in their 1986… Read more

Sealing Air Leaks

Air leaks into and out of your house in many places: doors, windows, ceilings, walls, floors, fireplaces, and so on. The chart below shows the percentage of total air leakage that occurs through each path in a typical home. A “blower door” test can determine how leaky your home is.   A blower door test… Read more

Types of Insulation and How They Are Used

The most appropriate type of insulation to use often depends on where it will be installed and when—during initial construction or after. Fiberglass-batt insulation is usually used for floors over crawlspaces, in exterior walls and sometimes in attics. It is sold in rolls and is just the right width to fit snugly between studs and… Read more

An Advisor’s Top 5 Tips for Saving Energy at Home

One of Enhabit’ very own Home Performance Advisors (HPA), Nick Phillips, offers his expert advice with 5 top tips for homeowners looking to save energy. Straight From the Desk of an HPA—5 Ways to Save Energy at Home: 1. During summer: open your windows every night, and close them every morning. This is a simple… Read more

7 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Fall

Cooler weather and shorter days are upon us. Now is the perfect time to find out if your home is sufficiently weatherized for the coming season changes. Ben Scott, an Enhabit Home Performance Advisor, shares his favorite tips: #1 Have a home energy assessment done by an energy smart contractor, such as the ones participating in… Read more